Petoneer Replacement Filters

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Replacement filters for Petoneer fountains

If you own a Petoneer Fresco Pro or Ultra fountain, you need to remember that you need to replace components such as the filter, pump filter, and foam every 30 days for it to work effectively. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the device will start to decline. To make it easier for you to provide your pets with constant access to fresh, clean water, a Petoneer replacement filter kit was created. It contains 3 filters, 3 pump filters and 3 foams.




Three stages of filtration

Thanks to the unique filter design, Fresco Pro and Ultra fountains stand out for their effective, 3-stage filtration. The first stage is prefiltration of larger particles with a special mesh. Then the water is purified by an activated carbon filter. Finally, the device passes it through an ion exchange resin filter. As a result, the fountains allow you to give your pets cleaner water and reduce the risk of disease.




Special reminders

With Petoneer, you don't even have to remember to change the filter. The Fresco drinker's algorithm will send a reminder to your phone in advance. No smartphone at hand? No problem! A special LED indicator will inform you about the need to change the filter. At the right time, it turns red. Then all you have to do is open the pack containing the Petoneer replacement element set and replace the old one with the new one.